At Luxor, our goal is to deejay an entertaining event that suits the musical tastes of you and your guests. We strive to keep the party moving in a seamless fashion by working with you to create a timeline for your celebration.

We are more than happy to work side by side with your event planner, photographer and/or caterer to make each part of your special day flow and stay on schedule.

Our philosophy is to keep things simple for you. We will provide online forms and tools to give you the opportunity to plan and update the details of your event at your leisure.

My experience with entertainment goes further than just playing songs as a DJ. I have been a singer in several bands, won my share of karaoke contests and run karaoke shows that incorporated 6 singers at once. While I understand that this type of entertainment at a wedding is not suitable, it does serve as valuable experience in dealing with a live audience. I have also worked events that included live professional performances where I worked with the musician and singer.

Aside from the mic presence of the DJ and the song choices he makes, providing excellent quality sound can make or break an event. We have all been to parties with annoying, blasting music that causes people to leave early. I use a balanced, sub-woofer enhanced system that gives great quality sound without being too shrill or overbearing. My gear is also relatively new, all black, and not an unattractive addition to the room.

Mic use by guests is also a factor not usually considered by customers when hiring a DJ. I always instruct guest giving toasts or welcome speeches on how to hold the mic, and speak into it for the best results. After years of doing sound for live singers, I can make almost anyone feel at ease and sound natural. A mic stand is also provided so a guest reading from a paper or i-pad doesn't have to hold the mic while giving their toast or speech.

Hopefully these observations help to clarify some of your many concerns about this important part of the event your planning. In addition to music and lights, I will be working with you to put together a complete timeline of everything happening during the party, which I will consolidate on one sheet of paper. Copies are then handed out to the photographer, wedding planner, caterer and anyone else playing a part in the reception.

The last subject I'd like to address is picking the songs for the dancing portion to the reception. After the dinner, toasts, all the special dances, the cake and bouquet, there are usually 2 hours left for guest dancing. That works out to around 30 songs total. I always suggest the bride picks out around 10, the guest requests work out to about 10, and I fill in the rest. That gives everyone some creative input into the party, and can make it much more interesting and relevant.

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